Blood Written

My youth writes this:

I’ve always loved you.
In my infancy
the angels told me to be patient
He’s running late, they said
My heart numbed
in an enduced coma
Until we both finally arrived at destiny You were not late at all
In my eagerness i arrived too soon Anxiously awaiting
what seemed a mirage
And those
who attempted to shake us
did us favor
Their rumbling blended us together
My thoughts were ur thoughts
Your needs equaled mine
Our desires identical
But this life is a test…

My tears write this:

Waking without you nxt me is…
Is like waking
with no blood in my veins
As if roles reverse
I’ve become Cilmi
Stricken by a love for Hodan
with such intensity
that the phrase ‘lovesick’
becomes only a sneeze of infatuation Feeling my soul’s preparation
for its last journey
I beg the Creator
of all things
to defy mortal physics
I plead for the sea between us
to evaporate and the earths’ plates
to shift atop one another
until so close, you can read your name etched into my heart
exactly where u left it.

My blood writes this:

I’ve become a mad woman
memories of you bring me
to such euphoric laughter
to the brink of suffocation
I’m reminded to inhale
Air over fills my burning lungs
and tears turn crimson
I wipe my face
trying to conjure your touch
Blood stained fingers
right hand over left on my chest
my face is sunken into the earth Begging, pleading for you or death.


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