Amor Dulce (Sweet Love)

Amor dulce, oh how I crave you
Like a fat child with an overgrown sweet tooth
I must give you the whole truth
I’ve never indulged in anything like you
You are pure energy
that gives life to me
A glucose IV inside me
keeping my blood sweet with each heartbeat
And your flavor…mmmm, top lip is caramel, bottom lip chocolate
Your tongue holds the cherry and oh my sweet, I want it
I’m about to lose myself but please don’t trip
Just stay sweet as I descend and I won’t quit
My mouth trails along your neck and lips get
Fingers sunken into hair that’s like cotton candy exploded
Too much sugar is no good, my mind has forboded
But I don’t care cuz I’m dulce overloaded
Your aroma is so sweet it seduces my nose
Moves south and gently kisses where my lust grows
Then even lower to stop and suckle my toes
I need an intervention before everyone knows—
Ah hell! Can’t hide what already shows…
I can’t keep away from that nectarous lolli-pop
My tongue plays amongst two honeyed gum drops
Your candy-cain fingers sweeten my every spot
I’m an addict, I admit, with you I can’t stop
…I don’t want to…
My utmost admiration
for your love’s saturation
As you pour over me reality takes vacation
Nothing else matters except mí amor dulce sensation
To give you love is instinctual, no plot nor plan
You simply melt in my mouth as I glaze in your hand
Intoxicatingly rich, you are my candyman
Do you comprehend?…amor dulce, sweet love, do you understand?


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