The Hunt

I am flat on my belly
Tall blades of grass engulf me
Camouflaged, my cheek nestles against the earth
My ear listens to the music of history below the surface
The richness of the soil penetrates my nostrils
And entrances my mind
Adrenaline pulsating through my veins like heroin
I am high
To be the Hunter
And the Hunted
Painful pleasure to be had
I need to taste, to be tasted
My prey is near
My eyes tightly shut
Lashes mix and intertwined like branches of ancient trees
No need for sight
when the wind tells
the secrets
I hear his thoughts, his needs
The universe vibrates beneath his footsteps
Each heal to the ground
drums a pulsating call
Through my chest
Encouraging my heart
to continue its dance
My skin pricks and tingles
as the taste of the salty sea
and the sweet, dark confection
Of his flesh approaches
I salivate with anticipation
hips raise slightly
Palms press into the moist, cool dirt
Soon he will be within range
I will attack without mercy
No amount of pleading
will exonerate him
A jolt, thick humidity slices open and he is upon me
He is ON me
My hunger has weakened
betraying my senses
I am so very hungry
But I am now his captive
His thirst assaults
But I will not surrender
will not go without
Any longer
I strike back with the force of
a beast
backed into a cave
with nowhere to run
And then, the engaging fusion
water vs fire
Hunger and Thirst rival
Both shall have their fill

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