No “Good”byes

With false courage on my lips
I kiss you goodbye
I won’t be cliché, I will not cry
Most of my heart is torn from my chest The biggest part you now possess
This hollow frame counts as your footsteps disappear
28 29 30 into nowhere
The glass fogs from the heaviness of my breath
I try not to breathe at all,
challenging death
The sun warms my forehead, pressed against the pane
Its rays energize and cultivate the strain
of my pain
Let me peel myself from the view
which has diminished in value
Without you
Must busy myself with work
There’s plenty to do
But my motivation is in the extra heart riding on a quest
Tell me can you sense your blood pumping in excess?
My passion and devotion flowing through your cells
Laced with the sweet secrets that we cannot tell
I’m getting weaker every moment my heart stays removed from me
My blood growing still as organs begin to atrophy
I need you to return quickly
and place it back inside of me
I trust you’ve taken care of it as you always do
But I need it to survive……I need you

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