Over Reacting

15 Hours and 56 minutes since we last spoke
Was hoping to hear from you when I awoke
I reset my phone cuz maybe it’s broke
Now its 16 hours &1 minute and this ain’t no joke

Did something bad happen for me to worry
Maybe you had to leave town in some big hurry
Or were you arrested or abducted in a flurry
Is there a perpetrator out there I need to bury

Were you in some sort of accident
Are you laid out in pain on the pavement
Have you broken bones that need to mend
Are you wrapped up in a plaster encasement

Don’t tell me SHE came back and stole you away
I put it on you too good for you to stray
My heart can’t take you leaving me today
If so tell her run cuz I don’t play

16 hours 12 minutes and still no you
I’m getting restless but what can I do
Said you’d be back but so far not true
My imagination has got me coming unglued

If someone hurt you they better flee
Cuz I won’t show them any mercy
Got my backup and I’m in a taxi
187 on whoever took you from me

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