A warm ocean breeze is washing over my face and gently brushing the hairs at the nape of my neck

Whispering in a tongue alien to my ears but as familiar as my mother’s womb to my heart

The sea’s waves are rising and falling against my ribcage dictating my breathing pattern with its pressure

As the tide approaches the shore a tickling stirs in my abdomen as if descending on an amusement park ride

The water is dancing on the sand tauntingly, yet demanding the respect it deserves
Relaxing I can already feel its preamble of tentacles, moist and preparing

The intensity of the waves’ motion is increasing, growing massive in height and might
This can only mean the tide will be reaching me shortly

Soon I will be engulfed in a tropical sea
My breathing synchronizing
The mist chanting sweetness in my ear
And the words once alien to me becoming my mother tongue


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