I lay awake, perspirated,
eyes dilated,
self-aided yet still frustrated,
feeling emaciated,
needing to be hydrated -with -your -LOVE -unsatiated.
Remembering the unequated,
to be penetrated,
ejaculated and saturated,
then, the swell of the procreated.
I long to be pollinated -by -you -again.
As I ruminated rhythms palpitated,
curtains closed,
darkness concentrated,
essence of my yearning emanated and vibrated –against -the -WALLS.
Lingering scent of incense incinerated,
lips part for the accommodated,
undulated and unadulterated,
desires asphyxiated,
words unarticulated.
The sun rises over me accusingly.
Alienated for having deviated,
In want of being validated,
the void commiserated because it’s -Complicated.
Though opportunity to be captivated
and ravishingly consecrated,
I have duly abated -discombobulated.
Fast forward time, accelerated.
Return of my king celebrated.
We be consolidated,
me elated, you -fellated.
My thirst quenched and evaporated.
Intensity of intimacy not hallucinated.
We float in delicious -af -ter -glow.
The sun will be left to weep inadequated.

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