PHAT Gyrls, can i get a wit-ness!?

Despite my better judgement I went shopping in the mall today(I’m an avid online shopper).  Walked into one of the more prominent “fat girl” shops.  I was simply in search of a full-length slip but couldn’t resist noticing the latest fat girl trends on display . Now Ladies, if you are of the more fatter persuasion as i am myself, please be aware of the smear campaign being waged against us in our own beloved stores.  The clothes were colorful and very well pattered in the old school theory of bright colors and patterns distract from the fat bulges underneath them.  Yet they made a bold and almost obscene move, to emphasize all of our “problem areas” with cinches, elastics, netting, and shear disaster! My dear and sweat fellow fat (phat) sisters, don’t be fooled.  They don’t have our best interest at heart.  They aren’t just trying to keep us up to date with the rest of the fashion (trendy) world.  They want to re-assure themselves that they are superior to you by making you dress like clowns!. A skinny dress on a stick figure mannequin is NOT the same look  achieved with a skinny dress on a “healthy girl”.  The industry wants us to mimic the skinny (poor) girl fads, constantly wishing we looked like them or lying to ourselves that we do. 
We are PHAT & BEAUTIFUL.  We need to know and embrace our bodies and accept them for all that Allah(swt) has allowed us to do in them.  Get to know each and every bulge and bump.  Figure out for yourselves which ones you want to express in your style.  Oh and sisters, get the “girls” fitted into the right size bra.  A well fitted bra can take 15 lbs off your chest and get your “friends” to stop calling you “Hunchback” behind your hunch.  I suggest we all become not critics but our own professional fashion STYLISTAS. I will not copy a trend that only makes me look sad, desperate and BLIND.I love all my jiggly parts.  I’m just not trying to jiggle um for the whole WORLD to see…and since when did a full-length slip equate to a camisole that barely reaches below the butt?   I’m disgruntled.


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