Halley’s Comet

I awake to a chill in the air. The skin on my arms is rippled with goose bumps. I try to raise my left hand in order to rub the icy rash from my skin, only to find that I cannot move my arms. Alarmed, my eyes open wide. I see nothing. Immediately I recall the description of the nucleus of Halleys Comet. It is described as the purest of black; darker than coal. I’m engulfed in this velvety blackness. In a panic, my breath quickens and my nostrils are assaulted with a dank odor. As I continue to breathe, I can detect an aroma of moist soil, like the morning after a long night’s rain. Assessing my other faculties, I realize I cannot move at all. My toes feel prickly as if they’ve fallen asleep. But still I cannot do anything to relieve the sensation. I open my mouth to cry for help. But only a faint crackling noise resonates from my throat and stops short of my cracked, dehydrated lips. Apart from the cryptic noise bouncing off of my tongue, I hear nothing. There is dead silence. There is no background noise that can clue me in as to where I am. The more I try to scream, loose particles begin to fall into my mouth. I’m choking on a granular mildew of flavors. It keeps falling down onto my face and filling my mouth, stinging my eyes and scratching my nose. Hours seem to pass as my vain attempts at calling for rescue bring my mind to the brink of exhaustion. As I concede my fate, I’m overwhelmed with a euphoric wave of warmth throughout my body. My limbs tingle with vibrating heat. I feel like a junkie who just popped my last vein. Eyes closed, cheeks swollen with soil, I return to sleep. I’m gliding though space. Orbiting on the tail of Halley’s Comet.


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