When i first entertained the idea that u were maybe, possibly mutually vibing me i shuddered at the audacity of my imagination.
Yeah i may be comprised of a 1000 stories and tales untold with creative juices yet to unfold and fully grow but to enscript my own romantic tragedy is beyond bold.
So as dismissal grew but refused to cover the gaping peephole over my heart spewing feelings of hope and wanting all over my bare feet, i tried to keep my gaze low, visually lacing ur shoes or envisioning the repair of ur black leather sandal on ur right foot in the upper left corner where which the strap entrusted with ur big toe is coming loose. Alone in my room i cursed the nightly breeze so frigid causing my veins to freeze and arteries to harden and i prayed for a miracle like a caveman who has just discovered fire only moments later to have it squelched out by a rainstorm into a swirly, diminishing mist across an arctic night. Lukewarm hope settled into subzero reality and the only option i could phathom was setting myself ablaze killing 2 birds with one stone so to speak. i would no longer be as cold as Iceburg Slim in solitary confinement and my face, red with embarrassment from the erotic thots harboured that eventhough i never expressed them i was sure u could feel whenever we crossed paths, would melt me into molten lava and tear a hole in the floor where u could bury whatever remained of me. and thus, giving me contentment knowing my love’s hands were the last to touch me.
But surprises come from where and when u least expect them that’s why they’re called surprises and u came bearing a double sided gift.. Now, i was prepared to be gracious and accept simply ur first offering. and although im usually a chatterbox of ideas thoughts and unusual sentiment your mercury levels sent my brain into overheat and all was left to do was let fate run on autopilot while i enjoyed the ride
With arms enfolded our desires meshed and molded and my peephole, once spilling my inner most candid emotion now concealed and protected by the pressure of ur heart against it, i searched for the perfect words to commemorate this moment be they witty, affectionate or even seductive. but with the warm fuzzy feelings that engulfed me, u performed the unspeakable…You silenced me
Grasping at words but only studdering, all i could muster from my lips when u released them was MMM….


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