It’s Only Temporary by QaaliFlowers

INTRODUCTION: If you could return to a specific moment in your life and start over from there, when would it be? Would you go back to your high school sweetheart and ask her to marry you and live happily ever after? Would you return to the man who was kind and intelligent but not so attractive and give his personality a chance to win over your heart? Maybe you would revisit long deceased relatives or friends and tell them how much they impacted your life (or cuss them out for dying before paying back the money they owed you). Or possibly you would take revenge on the fourth grade bully who tormented you and shattered your self-esteem beyond repair. I know exactly where I’d start over. I’d return to my earliest memory of life. I’m in my crib. The bars are cold to the touch, slippery. I pull myself up to stand erect against them. There’s a spicy aroma in

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When i first entertained the idea that u were maybe, possibly mutually vibing me i shuddered at the audacity of my imagination. Yeah i may be comprised of a 1000 stories and tales untold with creative juices yet to unfold and fully grow but to enscript my own romantic tragedy is beyond bold. So as dismissal grew but refused to cover the gaping peephole over my heart spewing feelings of hope and wanting all over my bare feet, i tried to keep my gaze low, visually lacing ur shoes or envisioning the repair of ur black leather sandal on ur right foot in the upper left corner where which the strap entrusted with ur big toe is coming loose. Alone in my room i cursed the nightly breeze so frigid causing my veins to freeze and arteries to harden and i prayed for a miracle like a caveman who has just discovered fire only moments later to have it squelched

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Halley’s Comet

I awake to a chill in the air. The skin on my arms is rippled with goose bumps. I try to raise my left hand in order to rub the icy rash from my skin, only to find that I cannot move my arms. Alarmed, my eyes open wide. I see nothing. Immediately I recall the description of the nucleus of Halleys Comet. It is described as the purest of black; darker than coal. I’m engulfed in this velvety blackness. In a panic, my breath quickens and my nostrils are assaulted with a dank odor. As I continue to breathe, I can detect an aroma of moist soil, like the morning after a long night’s rain. Assessing my other faculties, I realize I cannot move at all. My toes feel prickly as if they’ve fallen asleep. But still I cannot do anything to relieve the sensation. I open my mouth to cry for help. But only a faint crackling noise

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Sanguine Blades

We were as green As that immature leaf Unsampled and discarded Then the sun smiled Over and again Canary, gold, orange, crimson Warming our faces Sprinkling star dust onto our shoulders Ripening the fruit embedded beneath our ribs Until dahlia vines grew around us Binding, cementing our fate Budding red leaves sprouting out thru our pores Inviting, encouraging Succumbing we tasted the blush of Delectable Euphoria ~QaaliFLOWERS ~QaaliFLOWERS

Reformatting My Hard Drive

Have you ever looked back at situations in your life where you would like to have said or done differently? Sometimes there are things i’d like to add if i had a “do over”? There are times I’ve let shaitan entice me to say the wrong things (Astagfirullah). Some instances Allah allowed my fitrah to go into auto-pilot and handle the situation properly without me even having time to think about it. Often I find myself reminiscing on events that took place many years ago that I either wish i’d handled differently or am glad i didn’t say what was REALLY going on in my sometimes bizarre head. Some are substantial events and some are trivial. Although even when i can say that i kept my cool and did the right thing, when i’m alone, i find i’m inflicted with a sort of Turrets Syndrome. I walk around the house arguing at the walls: “…got the nerve to laugh at

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