PHAT Gyrls, can i get a wit-ness!?

Despite my better judgement I went shopping in the mall today(I’m an avid online shopper).  Walked into one of the more prominent “fat girl” shops.  I was simply in search of a full-length slip but couldn’t resist noticing the latest fat girl trends on display . Now Ladies, if you are of the more fatter persuasion as i am myself, please be aware of the smear campaign being waged against us in our own beloved stores.  The clothes were colorful and very well pattered in the old school theory of bright colors and patterns distract from the fat bulges underneath them.  Yet they made a bold and almost obscene move, to emphasize all of our “problem areas” with cinches, elastics, netting, and shear disaster! My dear and sweat fellow fat (phat) sisters, don’t be fooled.  They don’t have our best interest at heart.  They aren’t just trying to keep us up to date with the rest of the fashion (trendy)

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I lay awake, perspirated, eyes dilated, self-aided yet still frustrated, feeling emaciated, needing to be hydrated -with -your -LOVE -unsatiated. Remembering the unequated, to be penetrated, ejaculated and saturated, then, the swell of the procreated. I long to be pollinated -by -you -again. As I ruminated rhythms palpitated, curtains closed, darkness concentrated, essence of my yearning emanated and vibrated –against -the -WALLS. Lingering scent of incense incinerated, lips part for the accommodated, undulated and unadulterated, desires asphyxiated, words unarticulated. The sun rises over me accusingly. Alienated for having deviated, In want of being validated, the void commiserated because it’s -Complicated. Though opportunity to be captivated and ravishingly consecrated, I have duly abated -discombobulated. Fast forward time, accelerated. Return of my king celebrated. We be consolidated, me elated, you -fellated. My thirst quenched and evaporated. Intensity of intimacy not hallucinated. We float in delicious -af -ter -glow. The sun will be left to weep inadequated.


2 addicts should never be friends Recreational encouraging 11 days sober To stay clean but Temptation wins Both anticipatin the artificial insemination Of a temporary pleasure And when it goes down They crawl from their warm n fuzzy oh so delusional Happy places Disgrace smeared like shit on their faces Pointing fingers at each other Claiming it was the other Motherfucker who initiated it They cry and beg for forgiveness Then make a gang of false promises But never gettin what they seek and Not hearing what they speak The only truth spit from their lips is “Same time, next week”

Fruit Cocktale

“Ring! Ring!” Kiwi: Hellooo? Banana: Hey girl, how you doin Ki? Kiwi: Hey B, whatchu up to? Banana: Nothin much, just thinkin maybe you wanna hook up later? Kiwi: Nuh uh! I heard u told Cherry I was a tart! Banana: What r u sayin? Nah gurl, I called u tangy. Besides my sweet and your tart would make a great mix gurl. Kiwi: Mmmm i dunnooo…. maybe… alright i guess- “beep” Kiwi: Oh wait somebody’s on my other line …two minutes pass while Banana waits for his answer. Kiwi: Hello, B? That was Grape. Banana: Tsss, what’d HE want? Kiwi: He was askin if I wanted to hook up later, talkin bout he was all juicy for me and— Banana: What’d you TELL him? Kiwi: (smiling coyly) I told him I was mixin it up with you later and he got all defensive sayin he was just kiddin and that he had too much to do later anyways…… I

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A Visit to The Clinic: Prelude to Bed Buggers

t’s 9 am and we, my 3 girls and I are walking in the crisp morning air to Azaadville’s free clinic. My 5 yr old (the hypochondriac) says it hurts when she pees so I’m guessing a UTI (urinary tract infection). When she told me this, I immediately began to recount how much (or how little) water I’d given her to drink recently. Maybe I should’ve given her more; we don’t drink soft drinks so that couldn’t be the guilty party. Whatever the case, I couldn’t think of a home remedy for this so here we are. As I enter the bldg, there’s a great big sign on the door of the clinic, “We are closed due to bad weather.” Yet, the door is cracked open just a tad so I decide the sign must have been left on the door since last Wednesday, when the weather was a bit nippier than most days. The idea of things closing for

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Bed Buggers…A Tale of My Descent into Insanity

I’d just finished cleaning up from dinnertime activities. This consisted of two spilled cups of milk, a trail of noodles from the kitchen to the bathroom (potty emergency during dinner), and spaghetti sauce hand prints on the light fixture from my 8yr old son scaring his little sisters in the dark while I was tending to the child with the potty emergency. My eldest daughter volunteered to clean the dishes. She’s only 5, so I would be recleaning them shortly after. Bless her heart for even trying. We were eating late because after a long trying morning with my girls at the free clinic, I was in no mood to be conscious for several hours. So after my “sunnah nap” plus a bit more, I awoke, prayed, hurriedly straightened up the normal scatterings that occur when Mommy is asleep and began dinner preparations when I realised I’d forgotten to buy the tomato sauce for the spaghetti. After waiting an hour

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