Allah Loves Me

This is a throwback from September 28, 2007. But it’s a great reminder to myself that Im a BOSS! And so are You. We are stronger than we believe. Wow, it’s been 3 months since i started this blog. I thought i’d be writing on a daily basis. Ha! Well, i guess it’s time for an update. A day or so after i started the blog, my computer crashed. It took a while to get it fixed. Once it was fixed i tried to go online and for some still unknown reason, my internet wasn’t working. So that was about 3 hours and several call sessions with the Verizon technical folks to get that issue fixed. Then procrastination set in. Well actually i couldn’t think of a darn thing to say, except to complain about my kids not giving me a moment of peace to have one complete thought. But i figured why get on the blog just to complain?

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A Visit to The Clinic: Prelude to Bed Buggers

t’s 9 am and we, my 3 girls and I are walking in the crisp morning air to Azaadville’s free clinic. My 5 yr old (the hypochondriac) says it hurts when she pees so I’m guessing a UTI (urinary tract infection). When she told me this, I immediately began to recount how much (or how little) water I’d given her to drink recently. Maybe I should’ve given her more; we don’t drink soft drinks so that couldn’t be the guilty party. Whatever the case, I couldn’t think of a home remedy for this so here we are. As I enter the bldg, there’s a great big sign on the door of the clinic, “We are closed due to bad weather.” Yet, the door is cracked open just a tad so I decide the sign must have been left on the door since last Wednesday, when the weather was a bit nippier than most days. The idea of things closing for

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