Allah Loves Me

This is a throwback from September 28, 2007. But it’s a great reminder to myself that Im a BOSS! And so are You. We are stronger than we believe. Wow, it’s been 3 months since i started this blog. I thought i’d be writing on a daily basis. Ha! Well, i guess it’s time for … Continue reading Allah Loves Me

Sanguine Blades

We were as green As that immature leaf Unsampled and discarded Then the sun smiled Over and again Canary, gold, orange, crimson Warming our faces Sprinkling star dust onto our shoulders Ripening the fruit embedded beneath our ribs Until dahlia vines grew around us Binding, cementing our fate Budding red leaves sprouting out thru our … Continue reading Sanguine Blades

Amor Dulce (Sweet Love)

Amor dulce, oh how I crave you Like a fat child with an overgrown sweet tooth I must give you the whole truth I’ve never indulged in anything like you You are pure energy that gives life to me A glucose IV inside me keeping my blood sweet with each heartbeat And your flavor…mmmm, top … Continue reading Amor Dulce (Sweet Love)