Sanguine Blades

We were as green As that immature leaf Unsampled and discarded Then the sun smiled Over and again Canary, gold, orange, crimson Warming our faces Sprinkling star dust onto our shoulders Ripening the fruit embedded beneath our ribs Until dahlia vines grew around us Binding, cementing our fate Budding red leaves sprouting out thru our … Continue reading Sanguine Blades

PHAT Gyrls, can i get a wit-ness!?

Despite my better judgement I went shopping in the mall today(I’m an avid online shopper).  Walked into one of the more prominent “fat girl” shops.  I was simply in search of a full-length slip but couldn’t resist noticing the latest fat girl trends on display . Now Ladies, if you are of the more fatter … Continue reading PHAT Gyrls, can i get a wit-ness!?


I lay awake, perspirated, eyes dilated, self-aided yet still frustrated, feeling emaciated, needing to be hydrated -with -your -LOVE -unsatiated. Remembering the unequated, to be penetrated, ejaculated and saturated, then, the swell of the procreated. I long to be pollinated -by -you -again. As I ruminated rhythms palpitated, curtains closed, darkness concentrated, essence of my … Continue reading X-Rated


2 addicts should never be friends Recreational encouraging 11 days sober To stay clean but Temptation wins Both anticipatin the artificial insemination Of a temporary pleasure And when it goes down They crawl from their warm n fuzzy oh so delusional Happy places Disgrace smeared like shit on their faces Pointing fingers at each other … Continue reading Addicts